About Us

I have been involved with Rhodesian Ridgebacks for many years. The breed is very important to me and if I can help protect the breed I will do so. As I am not a breeder, I feel the best way to help protect this wonderful dog man created in my country, South Africa, is to spay and neuter every dog that comes into the rescue program. I do not want those mixed breed Ridgebacks out there intact as no one checks them for a Dermoid Sinus and they will be passing that gene on to thousands.

All the individuals involved with Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue are volunteers. We strive to take those dogs needing to be rehoused, evaluating them, taking them to the vet for health checks, spays, neuters, vaccines, dermoid surgery, or whatever is needed to make sure the dog we are adopting out is healthy.

Our funding comes from the adoption fees we ask for each dog. We cover all vet bills, transporation costs, feed, shelter and incidentals. We are often in the red as we operate only on a shoestring of small donations and adoption fees. We are always looking for help with fund-raising and grant writing.

Elizabeth Akers - 2004